Studying onboarding strategies from the biggest consumer apps.

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The onboarding sequence has defaulted to become the go-to spot for Dribbble designers to flex their UI muscles. And usually, that happens with an utter disregard for the effects that the five-ish screens that sit pre-launch can have on a product.

Onboarding isn’t something that should be left in the dust. It’s no secret that effective onboarding can drive growth and retention, even Facebook attributes it to be a major factor in their rise to 1 Billion users. But, Facebook’s success is just the tip of the iceberg.

Major consumer apps all utilize a blend of experience, information, and conversion tactics that set users up for long-term product success. …


Josh Nelson

21 yr old Product Designer. Masters of Information Student @ WSU. Student Athlete. Passionate about designing effortless digital experiences.

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